“Folk” and “Tropical Funk” Artists to Be Featured


“Folk” and “Tropical Funk” Artists to Be Featured 

  Domain Home Accessories & Gallery will host a “Meet the Artists” event with a show of new art work by two artists that have become widely popular among local collectors: Kimberly Dawn Clayton and John Shevlin, Jr. The event will take place at “& Gallery” (3129 Beach Blvd. South in Gulfport) on Saturday, February 16th, 6–10 p.m. Both artists will be on hand to discuss their work and interact with visitors.  Complimentary beverages and hors d’oeuvres will be offered.

   “& Gallery” is the recent incarnation of the additional space acquired by Domain Home Accessories in September. Domain has been one of Gulfport’s most popular retail locations for over 12 years, offering “functional art for the home” in its small, colorful quarters. The new space is a dedicated gallery now showcasing the work of local and regional artists. The work of over 40 artists is currently displayed and offered for sale at the Gallery.

  During this February “Meet the Artists” event, a large body of new work by Clayton and Shevlin will be shown. Chattanooga native Kimberly Dawn Clayton has been showing work at Domain for nearly three years, but has been a full-time artist for many years. She is fond of creating paintings and three-dimensional works using discarded items, including old lumber and plywood, doors, windows, clothing, musical instruments, automobiles, and even the occasional human. Her “folk art” has become among the best-selling work at “& Gallery.” Clayton will be displaying new paintings, including several in her new “animals” series, as well as painted lamps and lighting at the “Meet the Artists” event.  Though her pieces have been collected by many locals, as well as celebrities and an ex-president, she believes in continuing to make her work accessible to as many people as possible by keeping it affordable.

  Gulfport local artist John Shevlin, Jr. has dubbed his signature style “Tropical Funk,” with its bold colors, strong graphics and a simplistic or tribal style with subject matter inspired by Florida and South Beach scenes. A sense of humor is a strong element in much of his work, including “funky” fish, flamingos, crustaceans and penguin “snowbirds” complete with sunglasses. Palms and hibiscus blossoms are frequent subjects of his “pop art” stylings.  His fondness for martinis shows up in many humorous small paintings.  He uses acrylics, often mixed with metallics, creating a unique texture and feel. In addition to his traditional paintings, Shevlin will be offering several new works that are treated and suitable for display in outdoor settings. His work has been collected internationally, and has recently been adopted by a Caribbean resort for décor in guest rooms, as well as the offices and public areas of a corporate headquarters. Shevlin paintings have become a ubiquitous feature in hundreds of local homes.

  Additional “Meet the Artists” events and openings are planned for “& Gallery” on the third Saturday of each month, during Gulfport’s popular Art Walk.  Artists and craftspersons will also be lining the sidewalks of scenic Beach Blvd. during the evening.  Independent shops, boutiques, live glassblowing at the Industrial Arts Center, live music venues, and Gulfport’s popular restaurants are all part of the Art Walk scene. Parking in the Waterfront village is free and convenient. For more information, contact Mike McCue, 727-667-7531 or email mmccue@igc.org.

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