4,000 mile Kayaker
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THANK YOU...Cathy Salustri and The Gabber for the story on Daniel Alvarez as well as the publicity of Daniel's visit to Gulfport. Cathy was the first media person to respond to the notification of Daniel's adventure and impending visit. She not only covered the story here but also took extra interest in in his quest and offered assistance with information of our area waters. THANK YOU...Lori Rosso and Bob Newcomb with the Gulfport Area Chamber of Commerce and the Boca Ciega Yacht Club who teamed together to host a reception and welcome Daniel to Gulfport upon his arrival! THANK YOU...City Manager Jim O'Reilly who embraced the idea of Daniel sharing his story with the community! THANK YOU...Library Administrator David Mather and Technical Events Specialist Jason Shea, who made Daniel's presentation, at the Library and the publicity for it all happen, in a very short amount of time! THANK YOU...Owen Pach and the Industrial Arts Center of Gulfport who provided a spur of the moment glass blowing experience for Daniel that he called "magic"! THANK YOU...Jo Hastings and the staff at Habana Cafe for a wonderful dinner which Daniel commented was better than any he had eaten in Miami. Quite a compliment coming from a long lineage of Cuban ancestors! THANK YOU...Al and Cindy Davis who graciously, and with minimal notice, provided Daniel (and his kayak) a safe and comfortable place to rest and relax and do a bit of writing as well. Daniel also got the benefit of Al's fix-it skills and supplies in helping him repair an apparatus or two! THANK YOU...To everyone that greeted Daniel around town or came out to hear the story of his great adventure at one of his presentations. Daniel took an immediate liking to Gulfport and has said he will be back one day! Daniel Alvarez truly exemplifies the very best of his generation and of mankind. He is an extraordinarily happy and caring person. An intelligent, highly educated young man with a great sense of humor and a wonderful zest for life. He is also a great steward of our environment. I was touched by a couple things Daniel said and you may be too.... Relative to our environment: "We have to protect these places.I think the most important thing is for people is to get out and enjoy these wild places. That’s the only way we’ll be able to protect them.”You only lose these places once, not twice." Life's priorities: He told me..." we as a society are too focused on consumption." Having choices in life and fulfilling our adventures whatever they be: "There's always going to be a thousand excuses as to why I(you) can't do it. Eventually you gotta decide whether you're just going to jump in and leap for it or you're just going to always wonder what if." Margarete Tober Related Articles
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By: CathySalustri on 2/28/13
Thank you, Margarete. Daniel was a fascinating guy and it was great to see the community welcome him with such open arms. I hope he keeps us posted through the final (and warmest!) leg of his journey.