A Little Bit of Power

A Little Bit of Power

  No, I'm not worried that the IRS or Justice Department or the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco Firearms and Explosives (ATF for short) is going to audit, raid or arrest me for criticizing the Obama administration, expressing favorable opinions about the Tea Party and actually attending the first Tea Party march of Washington, expressing patriotism for my country, discussing the U.S. Constitution favorably, advocating less spending and a control of the debt, or expressing doubts about how the Benghazi tragedy was handled, advocating voting, free speech, free association, supporting the Bill of Rights, or expressing fear of a growing federal government as well as a healthy questioning of almost all government authority.

  Hey, I've got my guns at home or, just maybe, on my person. Well, maybe I shouldn't say THAT. Who knows who's reading, listening, watching? Would THEY (the government) really do that? Big conspiracy? Who'd have thunk it?, as they say.

  All those stories about the IRS harassing political donors supporting Mitt Romney, delaying applications for tax free status for political organizations, inquiring about their thoughts, prayers, political aspirations, Facebook profiles, and donors were about other people and members of organizations of which I'm not a member. No one, except individuals, came after me. Besides, the original focus was on the Cincinnati IRS office which the New York Times referred to as a "backwater office."  And, what's wrong with a little political harassment of organizations that the big media and the Obama administration considered the real bad guys? Hey, you're either for me or against me. Against me? You pay the consequences. So, a few people don't get to participate in the political process and the government implies all sorts of threats. So what? What does it matter? As long as you leave ME alone.

  Kind of peculiar, though, and I can't get a guarantee they'll leave me alone for what I say or do. Bit of irony here, too. The big beef of the original Tea Party movement was about taxes, an out-of-control-government, and loss of individual control of their lives. Looks like a complaint come true.

  Of course, no one in charge of anything is to blame. It all just happened. Low-level employes did it. No direction from above, implied or otherwise, occurred. Couple of employes got this idea to single out certain people and groups who (oh, horrors), wanted to talk about the constitution, or patriotism, or associate with such organizations as the tea parties and such, and viola!: we do a search of whatever data bases the government has and there we have a national campaign. Top government officials know about it, but it's election time (2011 and 2012) and definitely not a time to 'fess up to obviously improper shenanigans. Besides, what if it caused them to lose the election? Can't have that.

  Well, don't worry. Big government couldn't be a threat could it? Hey, it's there to protect you, to provide for you. After all the only powers they have are to tax you, regulate you, fine you, arrest you, imprison you. Don't worry. Be happy. You're in good hands.