A Smashing New Year

A Smashing New Year

Rodney Berkeimer came from Carrollwood to soak up some Gulfport sunshine and spike the ball past Megan Higgins Omlor.

Councilman Dan Liedtke and his wife Michelle prepped for the new year by playing volleyball with Club Sports league members on Gulfport Beach.

“It’s always such a great time playing volleyball. Beach volleyball is one best parts about living in Florida,” said Michelle Liedtke, who moved in Florida in 1999. She and her husband started playing beach volleyball five years ago. As one of his first actions on council, Councilman Liedtke began working to get more beach volleyball courts by the Gulfport Casino.

Ms. Liedtke praised city staff for their work.

“They did a great job building the courts. Everyone just loves coming out there to play. It’s so beautiful. In the evening you have the bay on one side with the lights and on the other side you’ve got the Christmas decorations,” she said. “It’s so crazy that you can do that in December.”