Anybody Want a Peanut?

Anybody Want a Peanut?

Peanut, an almost-puppy shepherd mix, has spent most of her life in shelters and needs a family of her own.

Peanut doesn't enjoy having her picture taken. She prefers her squeaky ball to cameras, and once she gets to know you, this 53-pound shepherd mix will like you almost as much as her squeaky ball. Given time and affection, the odds are she'll forget all about her squeaky ball and love you forever.

Despite her good nature and abundance of love waiting for the right human, Peanut's future doesn't look that bright. The short-haired dog grew up in shelters, first in a high-kill shelter, then at PetPal, and then, most recently, at Pasadena Pet Motel, where owner Kristen Triplett fostered Peanut for PetPal and worked with the puppy to get her used to people.

Now, it's time for Peanut to go to her real home. The problem is, no one has stepped up to take her.

"If she'd been mauled by another dog and left on the side of the road, or if she'd been beaten, there'd be a line at the door for her," Kristen says. But Peanut has scars people can't see, scars that come from not having a normal puppyhood. At five months, her owners brought her to a high-kill shelter.

"She was a typical puppy situation, where they bit off more than they could chew," Gracie Grieshop, PetPal's Director of Marketing, said. Peanut didn't do well in the shelter, so Kristen offered to take her in and work with her.

For the past three months, Peanut has spent her down time lounging in her crate at the front counter of Pasadena Pet Motel. A sign on her crate lets people know that she's working to overcome her shyness. Two trainers, Sam and Stefan, have worked with her, and Peanut is now obedience, crate, and house trained. She is also more receptive to people than when she came to PetPal.

All the love in the world from PetPal and Pasadena Pet Motel can't match a real home, one where Peanut has her own toys, her own bed and, most importantly, her own humans. Like a foster child, she has bounced from place to place, depending on the kindness of strangers to keep her safe.

"She's spent her life in the system," Kristen says. Despite that, Peanut has never displayed aggression or any undesirable behavior beyond initial shyness.

In a perfect world, Kristen says Peanut would live in a home with a sturdy fence, no small kids, and a stable family. She's had enough change in her life; she deserves, Kristen says, people and a home she can count on. Peanut loves to play with other dog and doesn't need to be an only dog, but Kristen believes strongly Peanut should go to someone with dog experience and understands she didn't have a Disney puppyhood.

If you can give Peanut a good life, please contact PetPal at 328-7738.

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