Azalea Market Starts Small But Has Big Dreams

Azalea Market Starts Small But Has Big Dreams

Kathy Irizarry shows off a farm-fresh tomato, which she will use to make a gyro. The Azalea Market will soon sell organic produce from the community garden.

 A change of venue could mean big things for the Azalea Market, which started operating out of the Pinellas Science Center in January. Every Saturday from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m., different vendors line up to sell locals honey, hot dogs, and a cornucopia of different treats.

 "So far it's been great. We get new vendors each week," Joe Irizarry, the market manager, says. Prior to that the move to the Science Center, the market took place at the Azalea Rec Center.

 "We're really interested in community. We want to build the community up," Kathy Irizarry, who sells Greek food, says. Ms. Irizarry says the market will soon include organic produce grown in the Azalea community garden.

 Want to take part? Contact Joe at

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