Cathy and Obamacare


Cathy, I understand your frustration with pre-existing conditions. I had to have heart surgery a few years ago, while I was uninsured. I went through a state program and had my surgery, which I paid what I could afford. Now I work for a company that offers a very good package of benifits, including insurance, which I'm now forced to participate. My point here is, there are programs out there that help people now, all you have to do is ask. If your insurance was so crappy that it was so cheap, then you would have been forced to find another policy anyway, as millions of people have learned, the first of Obamas lies. If you recieve a "refund" then you should thank people like me who help pay for your "refund" not Obama or any other political official who has a different program completely. I have co-workers (2 of them) who had to change their plans of buying homes, part of the great American dream, because now they are forced to buy a more expencive insurance.The great dream now days seems to be get what ever you can from the government. I really do wish you good heath and a long life, I just disaggree with some of your beliefs. Scott Cook