Celebrating Pam McGinnis

Celebrating Pam McGinnis

"It's a celebration wall, " Gulfport Multipurpose Senior Center Supervisor Gail Biron said. "I couldn't think of anybody more to celebrate than Pam. Pam was a friend to everyone. She was a friend to me when I first came to the city."

 Ms. Biron referred to Pam McGinnis, who volunteered at the Gulfport Multipurpose Senior Center and died just nine days shy of her 60th birthday on February 1. In her honor the city placed her name on the Celebration Wall at the Gulfport Multipurpose Senior Center.

 Mayor Sam Henderson, whose mother-in-law Karean Dorn volunteers at the Senior Center,  and Councilwoman Jennifer Salmon, who helped the Senior Center form Communities for a Lifetime, attended the memorial service.

 "I would sort of call her 'Gulfport's mother'," Councilwoman Salmon said. "You can't replace a person like Pam. You just have to miss her."

 "This [the Senior Center] was everything to my mom. To my this wasn't work. She loved this," her son, Beau McGinnis, said.

 "She loved you, and I know you loved her," her mom, Mary Ann McGinnis told the small crowd gathered.
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