City Funds Shelter It Does Not Use


Gulfport council unanimously agreed to give Pinellas Safe Harbor $3,000 for “operational support.” Pinellas Safe Harbor offers homeless and chronic offenders. It is a non-secure facility that offers homeless people a clean bed and hygiene facilities. It has a budget over over $1.5 million annually.  

Recently released inmates, chronic offenders who are homeless but have not violated any state laws, and homeless people who “are likely to become involved in the local criminal justice system” make use of this facility, according to a city memo. The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office runs Pinellas Safe Harbor; St. Petersburg Mayor Bill Foster requested the money from Gulfport.

When asked, Gulfport Chief of Police Rob Vincent told the Gabber that the city had not sent anyone to Pinellas Safe Harbor.

The council did not ask any questions before the vote.

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