city of gulfport: trash


In the City Whys column in the Gabber on Dec.20 my yard waste question was printed.It was a quote of a question I asked at a council meeting.I would say I was "under quoted" there was more to my question. The first sentence of Don Sopak's response put it"in stone",yard waste gets picked up on Wednesday.I had one more point. I'm not energetic enough to be a regular customer and the first time I put stuff out,on a Wednesday,it didn't get picked up. My thought was I have to call Public Works to let them know I have stuff out, how else would they know.No problem,it would be taken care of and I was also schooled on how the need is adressed eliminating the need for me to call each time,great.The next occasion,same result,no pick up.I let it pass, knowing all would soon be well,wrong.I called,this time I was told this is what I have to do,that way I get a designation ,waste or special pick up.Next time,same thing,but now it's back to "oh,you don't have to call".Stuff didn't get picked up on Wednesday either. This is what I wanted "in stone" do I call or not? If it doesn't get picked up is it because I didn't call or are the workers behind schedule? Writing this has worn me out, I won't have any waste any time soon.Great Public Works department just the same,thanks people. Stan Kreuter