Commissioner Corner: Jim Parent, St. Pete Beach District Two

Jim Parent

Hello everyone,

I thought you all might want to know that the city prevailed in the final judgment on the last remaining Anderson challenge to our Comprehensive Plan.  

On the eighth of October the Sixth Circuit Court (Judge Demurs) Ordered and Adjudged that:

1.   Chapter 2011-139 Paragraph 76, Laws of Florida is Constitutional

2.   The challenged ordinance is valid

3.   The Court reserves jurisdiction to enforce this order and grant further relief as may be required including costs and attorney’s fees if appropriate.

Subsequently, and I would assume against the advice of the lawyer that he had present the case to the court, Mr. Anderson filed for a rehearing.

Today the city filed a Response to his Motion for Rehearing. While this again cost us some tax money to execute, I do believe that this entire minority hissy-fit, and the costs we have been forced to bear, is drawing to an end.

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 – Jim Parent

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