Conditional Booze Downtown?

 The city council will “move forward” with discussions about whether or not to allow a package store as a conditional use at the former Casa Cortez/Aquabella’s/Roman Gardens/Dive Bar location at the the corner of Beach and Shore Boulevards.

 Tony Amico, owner of Caddy’s and other properties in the Gabber’s distribution area, attended the meeting with Realtor Yvonne Kane, who represents the location in question. Ward Four Councilman asked Mr. Amico to speak about his intentions for the property but City Attorney Andy Salzman advised against it.

 “They were generally talking about whether they wanted to allow that type of business in the waterfront district. It doesn’t matter what that person is going to do, what matters is whether they want to allow it; then that person comes before them,” City Attorney Salzman said. “The question was, what is this person going to do, and that’s kind of irrelevant because you don’t want to base your decision on one person. You’re basing it on the concept of allowing that kind of business in the district.”

 If council were to revise the rules of the waterfront redevelopment district, City Manager Jim O’Reilly said, it would have to exercise caution to not lose its status as a TIF area. A TIF (Tax Increment Financing) area uses tax dollars to reinvest in an area. Currently the city does not allow liquor or package stores in the Waterfront Redevelopment Area, which includes Beach and Shore Boulevards.