dangerous pet?


I have to begin with my take on the photo that accompanied Cathy's article. Poor Buddy. I guess the point of placing what appears to be a limp cat in his face is to prove his "docile" nature. I can see other points. One,is it possible the cat has fainted from fear? Two,is it possible Buddy is not hungry? Further inspection shows Buddy is in fact docile because he hasn't attacked the person holding the cat. He also seems to be distracted by the photographer,who,I assume,also escaped injury. Seriously, I completely agree with Mr. Hastings. Two times in four years? I also get his point that the attack was personal with Buddy. A dog owner doesn't want his babies to run loose. They might get hit by a car or use a neighbors yard for a bathroom,but come on,a dangerous dog? If Buddy or Lamont were, Mr. Parkinson would have been attacked as well. Lugar may have been killed. I'm sure Mr. Hastings is now aware Buddy can be trained to stay in the yard. Good luck. Just saying Stan Kreuter