Discovery Channel Revives Old Murder

Discovery Channel Revives Old Murder
 On Thursday morning a small film crew arrived at the Gulfport police station. For the next 10 hours the crew filmed a re-enactment of the questioning that followed the 1984 murder of Gulfport resident Karen Gregory. The film crew stayed in St. Petersburg but spent five days on location in Gulfport, filming not only at the police station but the former Gregory home at 2920 56th Street South.

 In 1984 Karen Gregory was found violently killed in her Gulfport home. Several years later Gulfport lead detective Larry Tosi arrested George Lewis, one of his best friends as well as a volunteer firefighter for Gulfport and a paid St. Petersburg firefighter, for the murder.

“For two years Tosi investigated this case, not realizing that the suspect was under his nose all along,” Gulfport Detective Sergeant Rob Burkhart said.

 Lewis never admitted to the murder, saying instead that he heard the screams, went to check on Karen Gregory, saw her body, vomited, and left the house. He did not call the police. Although others heard her screams, no one called the police.

 Her boyfriend, David Mackey, asked police to check on Karen Gregory when he hadn’t heard from her. Police found her body.

 One jury couldn’t come to consensus about his guilt but in 1989 a second found him guilty of murder in the first degree and sexual battery. A judge sentenced him to life in prison.

Both A&E’s American Justice and On the Case with Paula Zahn also covered the murder in recent years.
 The series premieres in August. For more information on the show, visit the Discovery Channel's web site.
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