Do Us All a Favor part 2
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I am dismayed by the letter by Willam and Barbara Gaddy speaking for ALL Gulfportians. I am a Gulfport resident who cares about this beautiful city that is "wacky, wierd and wonderful". But we need direction. There is a fine line on between "wierd and wacky" and trashy. My partner, our mothers, and extended family were attracted to the wierd/wacky/wonderful Gulfport through the years and bought property here and settled down. But we noticed that in the last few years, things were starting to get a little messy. For example, what was once a cute, cozy cottage with a tropical front yard with cute, unusual vintage furniture is now a neglected-run-down rental with weeds, dead palms and broken furniture.


I have no doubt that people are struggling in this economy but for the Gaddys to state that if "pleasing your sensibilities, move to St Petersburg" is an option, is ridiculous. St Pete has some of the most poorest neighborhoods yet there is still a code to keep their neighborhoods nice and neat. Has anyone driven to Childs Park and seen 10 to 15 vehicles and a boat parked on a front lawn? No. And if there is such a problem, there is a code enforcement that St. Pete residents can rely on to keep a property within standards. How can St Pete's tough neighborhoods look better than Gulfport?


About the trash cans, I, a Gulfport resident, do not want to see my neighbors trash can. You pull your trash can out on your trash day, garbage truck unloads your trash can, then you pull it back to your house. Why would you want a trash can overflowing with rotting garbage to greet you and your neighbors every morning??


Mr. and Mrs. Gaddy, is this your idea of wierd, wacky and wonderful?? I am an avid runner and enjoy my runs through Gulfport. I love to walk the city and truly enjoy the trees and neighborhoods. I wonder if anyone really gets out and explores Gulfport by foot to see what is really out there. I really hope that the Gaddys and folks like them are not using the economy as an excuse for pure laziness. After reading their letter, it really shows that we must have a stronger code to keep Gulfport beautiful, wierd, wacky and wonderful with helpful direction that all citizens of Gulfport can follow.


Leonardo Robledo

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Member Opinions:
By: Bibajima on 10/23/11
Although Leonardo Robledo, who responded to "Do Us All A Favor" by posting Do Us All A Favor, Part 2" is entitled to his opinion, he owns property in St Petersburg. Even though his home borders on Gulfport, his property taxes go to St Petersburg, not Gulfport. Therefore, he already lives under St Petersburg's more stringent codes and probably hates them as much as we would. He might even be jeolous of his neighbor's rights to leave out their trash cans, if they so choose. Perhaps Mr Robledo should begin a debate with his own city hall. Because he is not qualified to speak for Gulfportians, his opinion, though he certainly has a right to it, has no validity in this debate.

By: Doug_Hudson on 10/26/11
Don't assume that because someone OWNS property in an adjoining city, that they LIVE in that property. Leonardo Robledo resides in Gulfport.

By: mtober on 11/6/11
Bibajima ....How did you arrive at your prophetic conclusion? I have been to Mr. Robledo's home on several occassions and I can assure your he does indeed live in Gulfport. Mr. Robledo and members of his family have made significant investments in Gulfport and pay what I am sure is more than their fair share of property taxes. Hats off to Mr. Robledo and his family for making Gulfport their home.

By: mtober on 11/6/11
The Gaddy's appear to have jumped to conclusions as it appears have some other people. Thanks partly to The Gabber this issue has IMO been blown out of proportion. Fellow residents-- the City Council hasn't even discussed the proposed changes nor the reasoning behind them. Please give the Council and staff a chance to have a discussion before you begin to condemn them. Please also, read the details for yourself and not rely just on the sensational Gabber headlines. The proposed RV ordinance is less stringent than what it is currently. Property owners have always been required to maintain the right of ways around their properties. I see the added reference to keeping grass off the curbs as clarification. I also don't see where there is an effort to prohibit one from storing a boat on their property. Considering these things, what is it that is upsetting everyone and creating such an uproar? Defining outdoor furninture? Bibjama likely knows that the City of St.Pete actually defines that. What is wrong with such? The ordinances currently in place haven't been reviewed nor updated in years. What is wrong with cleaning up the language? On the other hand, the ordinances have also not been enforced evenly and fairly for years. For years, the response has been primarily complaint driven often pitting neighbors against each other--particularly when the code enforcement officer revealed the name of teh person that may have filed a complaint. Is that good? Surely most would think not. To my knowledge, there is no movement underway to overhaul nor gentrify Gulfport. What this all comes down to is common sense, courtesy and respect. respect for yourself, your neighbors and your community. Dolly Tickell said it best--Gulfport can be funky without being junky!