Do Us All a Favor part 2


I am dismayed by the letter by Willam and Barbara Gaddy speaking for ALL Gulfportians. I am a Gulfport resident who cares about this beautiful city that is "wacky, wierd and wonderful". But we need direction. There is a fine line on between "wierd and wacky" and trashy. My partner, our mothers, and extended family were attracted to the wierd/wacky/wonderful Gulfport through the years and bought property here and settled down. But we noticed that in the last few years, things were starting to get a little messy. For example, what was once a cute, cozy cottage with a tropical front yard with cute, unusual vintage furniture is now a neglected-run-down rental with weeds, dead palms and broken furniture.


I have no doubt that people are struggling in this economy but for the Gaddys to state that if "pleasing your sensibilities, move to St Petersburg" is an option, is ridiculous. St Pete has some of the most poorest neighborhoods yet there is still a code to keep their neighborhoods nice and neat. Has anyone driven to Childs Park and seen 10 to 15 vehicles and a boat parked on a front lawn? No. And if there is such a problem, there is a code enforcement that St. Pete residents can rely on to keep a property within standards. How can St Pete's tough neighborhoods look better than Gulfport?


About the trash cans, I, a Gulfport resident, do not want to see my neighbors trash can. You pull your trash can out on your trash day, garbage truck unloads your trash can, then you pull it back to your house. Why would you want a trash can overflowing with rotting garbage to greet you and your neighbors every morning??


Mr. and Mrs. Gaddy, is this your idea of wierd, wacky and wonderful?? I am an avid runner and enjoy my runs through Gulfport. I love to walk the city and truly enjoy the trees and neighborhoods. I wonder if anyone really gets out and explores Gulfport by foot to see what is really out there. I really hope that the Gaddys and folks like them are not using the economy as an excuse for pure laziness. After reading their letter, it really shows that we must have a stronger code to keep Gulfport beautiful, wierd, wacky and wonderful with helpful direction that all citizens of Gulfport can follow.


Leonardo Robledo