Doggie Dress Up

Doggie Dress Up

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Wednesday night Gulfport’s Art Village Courtyard filled with pups ready for Halloween. Here’s a sampling of what you may have seen at the annual Dog Halloween Costume Contest.

Harley didn’t have a costume, but he did have a home. This pup, abandoned by the side of the road, has a new home with Gulfport residents Joseph Bohn and Nicholas Canning.







JerryAnne Hindman shows off her American Airlines flight attendant. Her entourage included several more attendants as well as a pilot.








When this dog competes in this month’s Wiener Races in Dunedin, he won’t have his jockey to guide him.







Millie Baggs, the unofficial “good witch” of Sail Away Realty, waits patiently for her turn on stage.

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