Dogs Run Free at McKenney Park

Dogs Run Free at McKenney Park

Model: Charley Burkhart

ST. PETE BEACH – Dogs can run off leash at the Vina del Mar dog park, and the city won’t find people for having their furry friends off leash at the southeastern tip of Pass-a-Grille just north of Merry Pier, but soon dogs will have a third place to meet other beach dogs: McKenney Park.

 Resident requests for a dog park at the north end of the beach brought about the idea of a park, which the commission approved unanimously Tuesday night.

 “The are we cleaned up will not support grass,” Public Works Director Steve Hallock said of the areas under shade trees that the city plans to mulch with either cedar or eucalyptus mulch.

 The North Beach Civic Association will help fund the new dog park at McKenney Park, including recycled plastic benches.

 “We wanted to donate some money to the city and this looks like the best use,” Deborah Martohue said. Ms. Martohue serves as vice president of the North Beach Civic Association. Dogs will have run of part of the southern end; the dog park will use 9,000 square feet of the 125,000 square foot park.