Dr. Ajay Varanasi: Practical Solutions for Diabetes and Thyroid Issues

Dr. Ajay Varanasi: Practical Solutions for Diabetes and Thyroid Issues

Dr. Varanasi focuses on real-world solutions for living with diabetes and other endocrine-related issues.

Endocrinology. It sounds complicated, but you can distill the practice down to these things: diabetes, thyroid issues, adrenal and pituitary glands, and your pancreas.

Many people see an endocrinologist when they discover they have diabetes, although that’s not the only reason to visit a specialist like Dr. Ajay Varanasi in South Pasadena.

"It's all hormone related. The bulk of my patients are diabetic, but I also treat people with over- or under-active thyroids. I also do thyroid nodule biopsies," Dr. Varanasi says.

He adds that it’s easy for first-timers to feel overwhelmed by the idea of endocrinology, diabetes, or thyroid issues. The last doctor you should feel uneasy talking to, though, is Dr. Varanasi. He explained the endocrine system in plain English, talking about how his chosen field deals with endocrine glands, hormones, and how they affect your metabolism. Endocrine glands include your pituitary gland, which is your master endocrine gland. Think of it, he says, as the brain of your endocrine system. It tells your adrenal gland, your thyroid, your ovaries and testicles what to do. Dr. Varanasi helps patients understand what’s going on inside their body, something he says is important because he wants his patients involved in their treatment.

"I am very patient-centric. I made decisions involving the patients so they understand their treatment," he says. Your treatment will include several people who are all part of a cross-disciplinary team, including a dietitian, a diabetic educator, and, of course, Dr. Varanasi.

What does he mean by “patient-centric?”

“My patients are living with the condition, and it’s easy to tell them ‘don't eat this, don't eat that’ but it isn’t easy for them. I want them to understand what’s going on inside them so they can be better equipped to make healthier decisions that will help them lead a normal life, but I want to be sensitive to their struggles.”

When his patients struggle with lifestyle changes, he has resources available to them to help them change their life. He doesn't just give you a lecture and send you on your way. He talks about his patients with respect, calling them “intelligent people who want to change their lives and make the lifestyle changes needed to improve their health.”

"I'm all about helping patents making an informed decision about their health condition. I'm here to guide them rather than controlling their life. I don't want to be a bully; I want to be a mentor," Dr. Varanasi says.

Sugar addiction, he adds, is a hard thing to fight. Because Dr. Varanasi teaches at the University of South Florida medical school and publishes research of his own, he not only sees from his patients how hard it is to quit sugar, he has studied the research about sugar as an addictive substance.

"You might say it is as addictive as caffeine or nicotine,” he says. “A study came out recently that suggests fructose is more addictive than regular sugar.” 

Fortunately, the FDA has approved drugs that curb your desire for sugar. Is it right for you? That’s something you have to decide with Dr. Varanasi.

Dr. Varanasi treats all the risk factors associated with diabetes, such as high blood pressure, obesity and cholesterol. He's also board certified by the American Society of Hypertension. 

His level of training, his compassionate bedside manner, and his highly skilled team can all help change your life for the better. He's a local board-certified endocrinologist who understands how hard it is to live with diabetes, obesity, low testosterone, or thyroid issues. His team can help put your life back on the track to good health.

If your family doctor has told you to seek treatment for any of the disorders we've mentioned, or if you have fatigue, weight gain, excessive thirst or urination, blurring of vision, please don't ignore your diagnosis or symptoms. Come see Dr. Varanasi today. He accepts most insurance plans.


Dr. Ajay Varanasi

1615 Pasadena Avenue South, Suite 290 • (By the Palms of Pasadena Hospital)

(727) 345-5222 • varanasimd.com

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