Elmo's Story

Elmo's Story

Elmo is just one of the pets we'll feature in the upcoming Pet Gazette. Submit your pet's story to News@theGabber.com today!

Elmo doesn't embrace Catholicism, but his owner did name him after the patron saint of sailors and not, as some suspect, the Sesame Street Muppet. He showed up at a Gabber staff's door as a kitten, but already had a home, such that it was. When his owners moved and left him behind with a hurt foot, Elmo – then named Jeepers – came to stay with one that staffers until he found a forever home, where he received treatment for his infected paw and – much to his dismay – neutering.

It took over a month, but finally he found a home in the Villages. The morning he left, his human cried and when, two months later, his new home said they couldn't keep him any longer, he returned that day to live with a fussy Maine Coon named Scuppers and dog, Calypso, who would love him if only Elmo would allow it.

Today, Elmo occasionally wanders his neighborhood, but he never goes far – just far enough to steal food from the cat down the street (for which his owners apologize). Most nights, though, this burly white beast ends up asleep on the bed, all four feet in the air, while his human companions try and figure out how a 13-pound cat can consume most of a king-size bed. He loves to watch snakes and birds and squirrels but appears to lack the intelligence required (thankfully) to get close enough to catch even an anole.

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