Federal Government Shutdown Impacts For Gulfport


Q: At what point would a federal government shutdown affect city services, and how?

A: On a day-to-day basis, a federal shutdown would not disrupt the City of Gulfport's daily operations.
"The city of Gulfport will largely be spared from immediate issues because the city receives little direct federal funding," City Manager Jim O'Reilly said Tuesday afternoon.

Should the short-term shutdown last more than a week, however, Gulfport "could start to see challenges," mostly in regards to in regards to grant reimbursements for the EPA-sponsored Brownfields program.

"City staff has been notified that the grant program and the associated responsible individuals are presently unavailable," Mr. O'Reilly said

"Program reimbursement is based on a very sensitive time line," he added. Gulfport submits for reimbursements through the web site, currently frozen.

The city also expects a delay in getting money back from the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, the agency funding the Casino dock project.

However, the city manager reassured Gulfportians that their day-to-day lives would not be compromised by the federal shutdown.

"As the government closest to the public, the city and its staff will continue to provide all services the city's residents and visitors have become accustomed too, with no disruption," he promised.

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