Final Thoughts from Gulfport Ward Three Candidates


Paul Ray

I would like to take this opportunity to correct a misconception about who I am politically. Many people think that even local elections are made up of a democrat versus a republican, but that is simply not true. I am a registered Independent who is fiscally conservative and socially liberal. I enjoy the luxury of deciding who I am going to vote for based on their qualifications and voting record and not because of my party loyalty which makes for better decisions on candidates. This same mindset will be what I use as your city council member.

I would like to point out the differences between my opponent and myself. I have maintained an unchanged core set of issues and ideas, 49th St Corridor (for which I was taken to task by my opponent in the debates as being wrong), Clam Bayou cleanup, sewer and storm drain repairs, maintaining our parks keeping our services local and fully funded, all the while making sure to guard against tax increases. My opponent has switched positions on 49th Street corridor and stated in her ad that it does have crime and needs redevelopment. We both signed onto the campaign for a nonpartisan race and I have maintained that, my opponent accepted endorsements by several party affiliations. I have presented various ideas and solutions, she has offered rhetoric or promises to research.
I have formed an inclusive group of people to support me from all aspects of Gulfport and even those from previous extremes. I believe that my candidacy has been one of a positive nature and people who have met me come away with a sense of my deep commitment and my passion for the awesome city that is Gulfport. I look forward to being your city council member.

Yolanda Roman

In December, upon qualifying as a candidate for Gulfport city council, we organized and energized a very dedicated group of volunteers who enabled me to launch a very effective, ethical and fun campaign. During the months of January and February, our team knocked on hundreds of doors throughout the four wards, designed numerous informative ads for every Gabber issue since the end of December, participated in two candidate forums, and executed 10 enjoyable Meet-the-Candidate events. We also communicated with voters via mailers to thousands of residents. The most rewarding part of these last 75 days, was the personal contact with Gulfport residents, hearing about the issues important to them, listening to their concerns, and having them get to know me and my “Commitment to the Community.” I am also honored to have received endorsements from a broad range of past and present elected officials, community leaders and respected organizations.

I am honored to have had this opportunity to run for Gulfport City Council. This has been a very rewarding experience, one that I will always value. On March 11, I would appreciate your vote as Gulfport elects a new Ward III council representative.

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