Firing Guns in Gulfport


Q: Chief Vincent, can you explain exactly what the new law about shooting guns in your yard means for Gulfport residents?

A: Chief Robert Vincent told us that the state “effectively eliminated all local ordinances regulating firearms”, which means that only state laws govern guns and other firearms. No state law makes it illegal to fire a gun on private property, although other laws make it nearly impossible to do so.

 Some of those laws?

  •  It is against the law to fire a gun at or over a dwelling or other occupied structure.
  •  It is against the law to fire a gun over a roadway.
  •  It is against the law to cause injury to another person, even if accidentally, as a result of discharging a firearm. 

 If you want to lawfully fire a gun inside the Gulfport, you can. Just make sure that the bullet never leaves your property, and, according to the chief, “doing so would require the construction of elaborate containment structures or other devices that would likely not be permitted under the city's building codes.”

 In addition, “while the ordinance may have been eliminated, the city's density is such that discharging a firearm would in nearly every case violate some existing state law,” he adds, and wants people to know that Gulfport Police “will respond to any calls based on that presumption.”

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