Follow the Money: Where Gulfport Mayoral Candidates Get Their Money

Follow the Money: Where Gulfport Mayoral Candidates Get Their Money

Each of the two candidates hoping to serve Gulfportians as their next mayor must submit treasurer reports to the City Clerk. On each report they must declare all donations, both monetary and in-kind, they received. The candidates may receive donations through midnight tonight (Thursday, March 7, 2013) and must turn in their final report this Friday. Here’s what each candidate has collected thus far; we will update these numbers after the clerk receives the final reports. Except for obvious spelling errors, we have presented the names as submitted by the campaign’s treasurer.

Sam Henderson

Treasurer: Laura Henderson, wife
Loan from candidate to campaign: $125

Donations, In-Kind
Robert Appel, Gulfport, $40
Robert and Chris Appel, $50
Linda Dewey, Gulfport, $12.48
Karean Dorn, Gulfport, $50
Susan Koenig, Gulfport, $20
Dan Liedtke, Gulfport, $15
Kelly Wright, Gulfport, $80
Village Pub, Gulfport, $75

Donations, Cash
Robert Appel, Gulfport, $50
Rose Marie Black, Gulfport, $25
Donna Boren, Gulfport, $20
Patty Bowers, Gulfport, $25
Gwen Collins, Gulfport, $50
Karean Dorn, Gulfport, $50
Linda Dewey, Gulfport, $150
Lincoln Farnum, Gulfport, $100
Stuart Fraser, Gulfport, $100
Deborah Frethem, Gulfport, $10
Kevin Hayden, Gulfport, $100
Jerome Hendrickson, Gulfport, $200
Karen Hodgin, Gulfport, $250
Mike McCue, Gulfport, $100
Brenda McMahon, Gulfport, $50
Don McKenting, Gulfport, $100
Elise Minkoff, Gulfport, $500
Lyn Orns, Gulfport, $500
Nobedine Packer, Gulfport, $25
Diane Raymond, Gulfport, $25
Jeri Reed, Gulfport, $50
Katherine Saletos, Gulfport, $100
Don Sankovitch, Gulfport, $100
Jim Shatz, Gulfport, $500
Bonnie Sklaren, Gulfport, $50
Patrick Syron, Gulfport, $100
Darrell Turley, Gulfport, $50
Emmett Walsh, Gulfport, $500

Brooke Anderson, St. Pete Beach, $250
James Anderson, St. Petersburg, $100
Anthony Branch, Madeira Beach, $25
Richard Boylan, St. Pete Beach, $100
Helen Briley, St. Petersburg, $50
Bill Bucolo, St. Petersburg, $100
Naomi Chaney, Dunedin, $50
Trevor Cickovski, St. Petersburg, $20
Walt Dill, St. Petersburg, $200
DRL Consulting, St. Pete Beach, $100
Lawrence Floriani, Tarpon Springs, $200
Florida Democratic Party, Tallahassee, $1,000
Gerald Goen, Tarpon Springs, $25
Greater Pinellas Democratic Club, $150
Diane Hodson, St. Petersburg, $50
John Holecek, St. Petersburg, $20
Jim Jackson, St. Petersburg, $200
Sharon Janis, St. Pete, $10
Joanne “Cookie” Kennedy, Indian Rocks Beach, $25
Karen Kanode, Ohio, $50
Ida Kass, Pinellas Park, $20
Bryan Klich, Ohio, $250
Jasmine Knapp, Ohio, $25
Susanne Klich Langford, Ohio, $100
Steve Lapinski, St. Petersburg, $500
Linda Lerner, Seminole, $50
Ramsay McLauchlan, Madeira Beach, $50
Marcy Mertes, Ohio, $20
John Meyer, Tampa, $40
John Nazario, Belleair Bluffs, $30
Karl Nurse, St. Petersburg, $20
Steve Obrachta, St. Petersburg, $100
Pinellas County Democratic Executive Committee, St. Petersburg, $1,000
Pinellas Stonewall PAC, St. Petersburg, $300
Richard Piper, Largo, $25
Patricia Plantamura, Seminole, $20
Darden Rice, St. Petersburg, $100
David Sandridge, North Carolina, $500
Michael Smith, Largo, $220
Randy Smith, St. Pete, $50
Randolph Snell, St. Pete, $250
Kellie Sues, South Carolina, $60
James Turley, St. Pete Beach, $50
Julie Vogel, Clearwater, $25
Fred Weiss, Michigan, $50
Joan White, St. Petersburg, $50
Ray Wunderlich, St. Petersburg, $25
Linda Zamparelli, St. Pete, $20

Bob Worthington
Treasurer: Initially, Christine Brown, sister-in-law; currently, Guadalupe Gagnon
Loan from candidate to campaign: $200

Donations, In-Kind
Habana Cafe, Gulfport, $500

Donations, Cash
Stephanie Brobeil, Gulfport, $100
Gina Burke, Gulfport, $205
Patty and Lawrence Burke, Gulfport, $200
William Church Jr., Gulfport, $100
Louis Distasio, Gulfport, $100
F. West Dupes, Gulfport, $100
Guadalupe Gagnon, Gulfport, $500
Dave and Jo Hastings, Gulfport, $500
David Hastings, Gulfport, $360
Poul Hornsleth, Gulfport, $500
Doug Hudson, Gulfport, $100
Nancy Kelly, Ann Marie Anderson, Gulfport, $100
Arnald Lass, Gulfport, $55
Lupe Bookkeeping, Gulfport, $500
Lloyd Mason, Gulfport/New Hampshire, $400
Martin and Carolynn Needleman, Gulfport, $50
Robert and Beverly Newcomb, Gulfport, $100
Diane Norris, Gulfport, $500
Jean Proach, Gulfport, $600
David Reed, Gulfport, $50
Donalie and Clark Scherer, Gulfport, $25 (Note: Clark Scherer died on September 5, 2012)
Maritza Smith, Gulfport, $20
Mary Stahl, Gulfport, $100 (Note: The address listed belongs to former Councilwoman Mary Stull)
Ethel Stapella, Gulfport, $400
Ernest and Pamela Stone, Gulfport, $25
Svenn, Gulfport, $100
Harley L. Worthington, Gulfport, $500

Catherine and Robert Caldwell, Boca Grande, $200
Doug and Rhonda Fuller, St. Petersburg, $100
Hudson Marketing, Ohio, $100
Ed Jennings, St. Petersburg, $200
Dee Regan, St. Petersburg, $50
Clara Triolo, St. Petersburg, $200
St. Pete Beach Firefighters Local, St. Pete Beach, $250

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