Food for Thought

Food for Thought

Instantly, I felt better. Away went my worries about the economy, about taxes and the deficit, about terrorism, the turmoil in the Middle East, the possible implosion of the European economy. Congress was on the job deciding with professorial certainty that pizza with a few dabs of tomato sauce is enough of a vegetable to qualify for a public school’s lunch menu. The equally concerned and focused Obama administration had insisted that it wasn’t.

  It felt good to know that government, at the very top levels, are planning the menus in our schools. Most certainly school directors and administrators are not competent to do that. Nor are parents. Look at their fat children. Yes, “fat”, euphemistically referred to as obese is now an approved word in the lexicon of political correctness - until it isn’t.

  In the meantime, we have a fatness problem that requires the full attention and full power of our federal government. And, the problem is best attacked by rules, regulations and legislation. We all have a stake in it. We all, one way or another, pay for the medical effects of fatness. It is clear, also, that dictating what’s on the school lunch menu isn’t enough. Broader measures must be taken.

  We could start at the top with the federal government, its administrators, legislators, judges, and its attendant bureaucracy. Haven’t you noticed how fat many politicians are? And government employes? We certainly need a survey to determine the BMI (Body Mass Index) of each and every federal employe. We could then have targets collectively and individually as well as goals and measurements.

  I can say now with some certainty that few would pass the BMI test. Hence, rather than an individual test, government controlled diets could be controlled for everyone in government. Nothing but healthy food in the cafeterias and restaurants of government. An allowance of meat, few dairy products, no potatoes, no while pasta or rice, very little sugar, many, many fruits and veggies.

  Expense accounts could easily be controlled to only permit payment for healthy foods. The White House could serve only that food first approved by the National Committee on Obesity and Health and could not provide any wider variety than that provided for the average citizen.

  Oh, the average citizen. I forgot. I hadn’t mentioned him or her or the family unit as that might be. That’s the most easily controlled group of all. The answer is simple: restrict the foods that can be sold in grocery stores. For those who seek to skirt the law, there would be a careful control of seeds and animals. That would accompany the x-raying of brown bag lunches, a rather simple process.

  Fully using computers to scan credit and debit card purchases - in other words from the source to the consumer - it should be relatively simple to monitor the great majority of the public. Since this would result in better health, mental and physical, less cost, it would be immensely popular. To entice those not anxious to “participate” there could be monetary rewards (rewards are better than punishments) in certain circumstances and cash prizes in contests. A good contest might be: “Help your neighbor or friend. Report him or her to the NCOH (see above). It’s for their own good and the good of the country.” The more who get something from the government, the more popular the program is.

  So, I say look around you. Note the fat people. Make it your business to rescue them from themselves. Congress is ready for you to react. Contact your local congressman. In a few years, with your help, the program will have expanded to your neighborhood and there will be a representative of the NCOH for you to contact.

  In the meanwhile, occupy your local super market, deli or restaurant. Force the changes that need to be made. Like saving the Earth from global warming, it’s a matter of life or death. It’s your patriotic duty. And government is behind you.


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