Free Porch Party at the Gulfport Museum


 Come help the Gulfport Historical Society reinvent itself at its first-ever porch party. Over the years, community participation in the society has dwindled, and the board wants fresh ideas and new faces to help make the museum a gathering place for everyone who loves Gulfport.

 To that end, the Society will host an informal porch party on Friday, June 28. The party will start at 7 p.m.; the society will have light beverages on hand for free and wine available for a small donation.

 “We want to see the museum become a cornerstone of our community,” President Miki Vaughan says. “I picture a gathering place where anyone who loves Gulfport can help preserve and celebrate our history and heritage.”

 The Society hosts the city’s annual birthday bash every October, and this year it hopes to inject new life into the celebration. At the porch party, everyone is welcome to share their ideas about the birthday bash. The Society also welcomes ideas about future speakers and events.

 Everyone who has an interest should attend this event to exchange ideas on what’s needed to make the Gulfport Museum and the Society a vibrant part of Gulfport’s funky, historical community.

 Kids and families are welcome, as are folks from outside the city who love Gulfport. If you’d like, bring a snack or dessert to share. BYOB, although the Society will have wine available for a small donation.

 Contact Miki Vaughan (321-5705) or Cathy Salustri (656-5420) with any questions.

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