Frustrated by Gulfport Utility Rate Increase? Blame St. Petersburg


Anticipating a 25% increase in water and sewer rates from its supplier, the city of St. Petersburg, Gulfport city council voted Tuesday night to increase its water, sewer, and stormwater rates. By contract, the City of Gulfport cannot charge less than the city of St. Petersburg charges its residents. Since the city lacks the pipes to contract with another water supplier, it must contract with St. Petersburg for its potable water.

Utility customers who incur the minimum charge by using 2,000 gallons of potable water or less per month will see an increase of $3.31; customers who use between 2,0001 and 4,000 gallons of potable water will see an increase of $6.27. Standby customers – customers who have a utility account but have their service shut off – will see a $1.80 increase.

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