Golden Love

Golden Love

They met at the Gulfport Senior Center, and that’s where they wed.

Ralph Mobley, 89, and Joyce McMahon, 72, started dating this past July, although they met several years ago at the Center.

As a volunteer, Joyce noticed Ralph. They got to know one another when Ralph came in for his workouts.

“The fun,” he says, “is more than the exercise.”

“Someone told me he was going with someone,” she said. But Ralph came to see her at her job, at the Walgreens on 58th Street, and asked her what hours she worked. She told him.

A while later she received a phone call at work. A man’s voice asked her to go for coffee.

“He didn’t tell me who he was,” she says, so she told the voice no.

Ralph remained undeterred. A few weeks later, Joyce got into a car accident and Ralph told her he wanted to take a look at her car. She consented, and when he came over she extended the invitation for him to come swimming in her saltwater swimming pool.

The next day, they finally had that coffee. They went for breakfast, and they’ve been together ever since.

It didn’t take long for Ralph to realize he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her, so he proposed.

“I thought I’d get a good answer,” he said.

“He hinted quite a bit, so I knew what was coming,” she smiles over cake at the reception.

They married on November 14 in front of their friends and neighbors, in the same building where they first met. Cynthia Dean presided over the ceremony.

The couple will move to Joyce’s Art District home. She will take his name.  

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