Gulf Boulevard


Q: What’s the deal with the construction in the middle lane of Gulf Boulevard, and why didn’t the city do it over the summer? – Kari Coletta


A: The city of St. Pete Beach explained that the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) is doing the bulk of the work. They state is installing new medians; the city will then come in and re-landscape the old ones and landscape the new ones. 

  St. Pete Beach city manager Mike Bonfield estimates that the construction will complete by January 1, if not sooner. FDOT has completed almost 10 since September 1 and only have about five more to do, he says.

  As for the timing? It’s actually at the city’s request. Mr. Bonfield says this is one of the slower times on the beach.

  “We just told them we didn’t want it to go one during the season, which is Valentie’s Day through May 1. We actually prefer this to over the summer, as that’s busier than it is now,” he explained.


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