Gulfport Beach Kayak Rentals

Q: What is the status of Councilwoman Barbara Banno's desire to allow boat (kayak) rentals on the beach? Who will be able to do this?

A: City manager Jim O’Reilly told us the city hopes to set up kayak rentals, water activities and related rentals “similar to what one may have seen” at Fort DeSoto or Weedon Island. He’s working on an RFP, or a “Request For Proposals,” to find a business to offer kayak, canoe and standup paddleboard rentals at Gulfport Beach and “related city waterfront sites.” O’Reilly expects to publish the RFP on January 26. He says the city will select an outfitter based on the following minimum standards:
  • The outfitter will compensate Gulfport for the use of the beach every month.  The city will consider proposals that includes a commission and/or fixed rent.
  • The outfitter  must show the ability to obtain detailed insurance coverages, including marine insurance, worker's compensation, employers' liability insurance, comprehensive general liability insurance, broad form property damage coverage, fire, legal liability, comprehensive automobile and truck liability insurance.
  • The outfitter should have a business plan for what they plan to do on the beach. The plan should include the type of rental equipment (as well as model numbers and photos) and what the outfitter will charge
  • Marketing plan and budget for the plan
  • List of staff who will be on-site
  • Projected revenue
  • Emergency response plan
  • Show documented experience as an outfitter, including a brief company history, client list for the past two years, information on company size and capabilities and a list of existing or previous contracts similar to what Gulfport wants.
  • Four references, two from customers and two from businesses
  • The outfitter must commit to an amount of proposed compensation it will pay the city.

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