Gulfport Bicycle Laws

Q: I would like to know what the bike laws are here in Gulfport. Are bikes allowed on the sidewalks? Because I have yet to see a sign that says they are not!  – Mike Chapman

A: Gulfport follows state law when it comes to bicycles, which allows for riding a bike on sidewalks (Chapter 316.2065). Gulfport Police Chief Robert Vincent interprets the law to mean that bicyclists can ride on sidewalks, but when they do, "they are considered pedestrians. However, bicyclists must yield to foot-based pedestrians when using a sidewalk."

In addition, the chief says, "they have the right of way when crossing lawfully at a designated crosswalk, as vehicle traffic must yield to them, [but] they may not obstruct the flow of traffic; they must cross roadways in the most direct route possible; they may not step suddenly into traffic, even at a crosswalk, without giving vehicles time to stop; they may not cross against a red traffic signal; [and] they may not cross mid-block between two adjacent, signaled intersections (such as exist in downtown St. Pete)."


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