Gulfport Boulevard Bike Path Progress


Q: How many bike crosswalks are planned for Gulfport Boulevard, and where will the city build them?

A: "At this time, Pinellas County has plans to install/construct two crosswalks on Gulfport Boulevard South: one at Beach/55th and Gulfport Boulevard and the second in the vicinity of the Golfview Apartments at 17th Avenue South on Gulfport Boulevard," City Manager Jim O'Reilly says. "The roadway is a Pinellas County road that is under the county's jurisdiction, therefore traffic improvements or the mitigation of safety issues is under their purview."

Gulfport will partner with Pinellas County and purchase the required signs and signals, the city manager says, while the county will perform all engineering and required crosswalk striping.

So far, the city has ordered the equipment for the Beach/Gulfport Boulevard crosswalk and awaits the "go ahead" from Pinellas County to order the second set of equipment.


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