Gulfport Calls for Service

Q:  Which area of the city has the most calls for service (police)?

A:  “It all depends on how one defines ‘area’," Gulfport Chief of Police Rob Vincent says. “Police patrol squads are divided into zones, and those zones were established with the goal of each having roughly the same call volume. So the answer is that each zone has a similar number of calls. Of course, the zones are not the same geographic size. This map ( illustrates that the three zones east of 58th Street have a greater concentration of calls than the single zone west of 58th Street.”

 “The [Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office] computer-aided dispatch system, which Gulfport Police Department has been using since 2012,” he adds “is not set up to analyze calls for service by geographic area. Instead, we base our analysis on offenses, and that information is published and updated regularly at:”