Gulfport Car Allowances

Q: How does Gulfport calculate car allowances?

A: It doesn’t, according to city manager Jim O’Reilly. That is to say, it doesn’t anymore. Only four directors (Sam Rivera, Information Technology Director; Fred Metcalf, Community Services Director; Don Sopak, Public Works Director; and Dan Carpenter, Administrative Services Director) all receive $350 per month as part of contracts negotiated with former city manager Tom Brobeil. O’Reilly himself receives $400 a month as part of his contract. Neither his rates nor those of the four directors who receive car allowances factor in vehicle type or fuel prices.

O’Reilly estimates that he drove his car for city business, including in-town and statewide events, roughly 10,000 miles in 2010. Many government agencies reimburse mileage at the rate allowed by the Department of the Treasury (50 cents per mile.) Had O’Reilly sought mileage reimbursement (if he didn’t have a car allowance), the city would have paid him $5,000 last year.

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