Gulfport Cat Rescue and Wildlife Rescue


Q: Doesn't Gulfport have a wildlife rescue? I'm all for rescues, but why is that OK and not a cat rescue? - Denise Wimmer Lowe

A: If someone Gulfport has one that keeps animals on the premises, it is operating outside of Gulfport law, according to city staff. Upon hearing this question, the city responded with a question of its own:

 “In checking with City staff, we are unaware of any such rescue; one that is a licensed business in the city of Gulfport –and that is physically keeping animals in this environment within the city.   If such exists could you please tell me the name and location (address) of such a business.”

  The Gabber did not give the city the name of the rescue, but city staff is now looking for information about such an organization.

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