Gulfport City Manager Gets Raise


After five years and one month, Gulfport's city manager, Jim O'Reilly, received a raise.

Mr. O'Reilly stepped up as the interim city manager after City Manager Tom Brobeil stepped down in 2008, citing health issues. Mr. O'Reilly, who left St. Pete Beach to serve as Gulfport's Leisure Services director, initially refused the permanent position, relenting only when council asked several times.

At the time he took the position, Mr. O'Reilly made under $100,000 as the Leisure Services Director. Council kept him as the interim director, earning his Leisure Services salary, for over a year while taking no action to find a replacement. After negotiations, during which Mr. O'Reilly more than once declined to accept the position, he agreed to take the position of city manager. Council paid him $108,000 as well passing a resolution that he did not need to live in city limits and agreeing not to fire him without cause with less than a "supermajority". This means that without four of the five council agreeing, the elected body cannot terminate his employment without offering 18 months severance pay.

Aside from a two percent cost of living adjustment received by all city staff in 2012, he received no formal evaluation or pay increase since accepting the position.

The new salary, which went into effect immediately upon council's unanimous vote, brings the city manager's salary compensation to $115,000.

"I'm grateful" for the increase, Mr. O'Reilly said after the meeting.

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