Gulfport City Staff Travel Expenses

Q: Who pays when council members and city staff go to the League of Cities, and how much does it cost?

– Poul Hornsleth

A: The city clerk, Lesley DeMuth, explained that the city budgets for a certain amount of travel for councilmembers and city staff; each person’s department budget factors in a certain amount of travel, such as that for the Florida League of Cities. Gulfport has a travel policy and uses the United States General Services Administration’s per diem rates, which dictates how much each traveler gets to spend on food and incidentals every day of the trip.

The Florida League of Cities conference, this year held in Hollywood, Florida, cost the city $4,109. 84. This includes mileage paid at $.555 per mile and a $66 per diem. The city’s travel policy offers partial per diems for partial travel days, and council members may legally ride together so long as they don’t speak on city business, according to the city clerk.

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