Gulfport Could Get $3.6 Million in Oil Money


Gulfport could win a claim against BP for $3.6 million. This money represents economic damages the city incurred as a result of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill on April 20, 2010.

The city has retained an attorney to help them recover the costs. 

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Member Opinions:
By: RobFowler on 1/17/13
Hopefully the lawyer representing Gulfport, Florida is aware of the cost to our town because of the high-profile oil spill publicity about Gulfport, Mississippi.

And so on...

Every time a storm or tragedy hits Gulfport, Mississippi our local web traffic skyrockets. People across the United States who have not been here do not know we are NOT Gulfport, Miss. I get calls and emails from friends and family whenever something happens in Gulfport, Miss. I tell them, "No, we are in Gulfport, Florida."

So bad publicity regarding the BP oil spill around Gulfport, Mississippi cost us more out-of-state visitors and tourism revenue than a lot of other towns in our area on the Gulf Coast who do not have a namesake in harder hit areas. It's bad luck, but that is the reality.