Gulfport Council Housekeeping Items


At Tuesday night's city council meeting, Gulfport city council voted unanimously to allow city staff to do the following:

• Renew a contract with Alba Cleaning for cleaning city facilities. The new contract comes in at $30,000 less than the current year.
• Award the bid for sidewalk and curb replacement to John M. Dobrzeniecki, Incorporated
• Buy and install 1,000 feet of sidewalk for the Clymer Park Art Walk Project (Phase I) from John M. Dobrzeniecki, Incorporated
• Apply for a Boating Infrastructure Grant to upgrade and expand transient boating facilities, including the mooring field (Vice Mayor Dan Liedtke voted no on this)

Council also passed a resolution "urging amendment or repeal" of the Biggert-Waters National Flood Insurance Program Reform Act of 2012 and tabled approval city expenses for upcoming special events (click here  for the link to the services and events subject to approval). Council will discuss requirements for those events at a future workshop.

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