Gulfport Dispatch Transition

10-13-11 Gulfport City Whys: The Dispatch Transition

Q: What is the process for transitioning the dispatch to the Sheriff’s Office?

A: According to Police Chief Rob Vincent, the city has already started the process of eliminating in-house dispatch services and contracting with the county. By October 18, city council will look at (and hopefully sign) a contract with the sheriff’s office.
 If council approves the contract, the department will get the needed software installed in patrol vehicles by December 15. By that date both agencies will have reviewed any changes in procedures, and by New Year’s Day the sheriff’s office will fully handle dispatching calls for service.

 Emergency calls will still continue to go through the county’s 911 service, while non-emergency calls will go through 893-1030 directly to the sheriff’s office. The sheriff’s office will dispatch Gulfport police officers and any after hour emergencies relating to water or utility service.
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