Gulfport Dog Beach

Q: We were told we could have our dogs in the area between the boardwalk and the Recreation center field on the beach. Is this a dog-friendly zone and can I have my dog off leash? Also, my dog is under voice command; the county law says I don't have to have him on a leash. Is that also true in Gulfport – that I can have my dog off leash if they always come when I call them?

A: Gulfport Police Chief Rob Vincent told us, in no uncertain terms, that the city does not allow dogs on the beach. However, he did say that “they are permitted in the area behind the recreation center, west of the seawall that defines the western boundary of the beach.”
 Gulfport has more restrictive laws about leashes than Pinellas County, which does allow for pets under voice command to walk off-leash.
 “The only places in Gulfport where a dog is permitted off leash are the dog parks in the 2700 block of 54th Street, and on your own private property,” Chief Vincent said.


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