Gulfport Draining at Wood Ibis

Q: Why is there such a long standing problem with drainage at the west end of 27th Avenue South, by the northwest access point to Wood Ibis Park? That end of the street completely floods in appreciable rain storms, occasionally being impassable and flooding some yards. Residents there tell me they've lobbied in the past, to no avail. Thank you. – Larry Lewis

A: “Historically,  the topography and drainage of this specific area has been affected by a continuing number of changes throughout the evolution of the city,” City Manager Jim O’Reilly explains.
  In 1998, the city finished drainage improvements to the park. These improvements were part of  a stormwater management system  to treat runoff from the surrounding 62 acres of homes. These improvements also helped fix issues with local flooding at the 28th Avenue/58th Street South and the 27th Avenue and 59th Street South intersections (often under three feet of water during storms.)
 The improvements included installing a 12’ x 18” pipe under 27th Avenue South to help to decrease yard flooding at the northeast corner of the 27th Avenue/59th Street South intersection, the lowest intersection in the area. As you’ve mentioned, this area still floods during heavy storms. To help with that flooding, city staff “has and continues to remove debris and sand in the pipes and ditches annually,” Mr. O’Reilly explains.

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