Gulfport Election Information


Q: How does one qualify to run for office in Gulfport?

A: According to the city clerk’s office, qualified candidates will meet the following requirements:
• Candidates must be a resident of his or her ward (mayoral candidates must be a resident of the city) for one year before they can qualify
• Candidates must return 10 signed petition cards. Mayoral candidates must have those cards signed by registered voters in the city while candidates for council must have the cards signed by registered voters in his or her ward
• Candidates must complete paperwork designating a campaign treasurer and a bank, a signed loyalty oath, statement of financial interest, and signed and notarized intention to run. The clerk’s office can notarize these forms.
• Candidates must pay a filing fee ($96 for mayoral candidates and $72 for council candidates) with a check drawn on the campaign bank account. If a candidate cannot pay the fee they may submit an “undue burden” affidavit.

Interested in running? Pick up a candidate packet at the clerk’s office at city hall. Qualifying begins at 8:30 a.m. on December 3 and ends at noon on December 10.


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