Gulfport Gets Friendlier, User-Friendly Web Site

Gulfport Gets Friendlier, User-Friendly Web Site

After struggling with the city’s old web design, residents and businesses will soon have a new and improved web site.

 Using Google Analytics and a staff survey as a map, Interim IT Director David Mather and Technical Events Specialist Justin Shea have created a new Gulfport city web site. The web site uses a content management system, which Mather says will allow for easier changes on an as-needed basis.

 “We can really make real-time changes with this,” Mather said.

 Boca Ciega High School student Zack Stoler helped with the redesign. Mr. Stoler created a page for the now-defunct Gulfport Trolley and had started to work on rebuilding the city’s site prior to former IT Director Sam Rivera’s departure.

 “When he came, that was a blessing in disguise,” Mather said.

 Council praised the new site. Pending any changes from council, the new site could go live as early as Sunday night.

 See a preview of the web site here.

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