Gulfport Marina: The Next Generation

Gulfport Marina: The Next Generation

If you want to live aboard your boat, Gulfport Harbormaster Denis Frain wants you to come to Gulfport. Although city council has yet to approve such liveaboards or the improved facilities that would accompany liveaboard boaters, it heard a presentation from Harbormaster Frain that included allowing liveaboards.

Harbormaster Frain’s suggested, as part of the marina’s master plan, other improvements, such as adding boat lifts to some wet slips, renovating the 500-square-foot ship store, renovating the dry storage to increase the amount of dry slips, creating financial incentives for long-term boat storage, and changing the look of the marina.

When Councilmember Dan Liedtke asked the city manager for the next step, City Manager Jim O’Reilly said a community meeting in the marina district. 

“We take a lot of your income each year,” Councilwoman Jennifer Salmon said to Harbormaster Frain, but added that a ten-year plan had to allow for the marina to keep more of its money.

“We can’t expect you to have a big plan and not expect you to have the financing for it,” she said. 

View the PowerPoint presentation here.

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