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I read the Gabber often and peruse the police blotter sometimes. Does the Gulfport Police Department have a white collar crime section? If so, are there trained detectives in it? All I see on the crime blotter are dui arrests, minor disturbances, and minor offenses. There are con men everywhere. It would be criminal if the Gulfport Police Department did not have the tools to investigate crimes of fraud or other white collar crimes against us, especially the elderly, the most targeted victims.

Bruce A. Plesser Esq., former white collar prosecutor
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Member Opinions:
By: RobFowler on 3/30/13
I chuckled when I first read this. Not because it was funny, because it is definately not funny, but because it poked fun at my reality. Like most Gulfportians, we think about the poor on poor crime which is most obvious, and common. Yet crimes against the elderly are also not umcommon in the weekly crime reports. Still, "White Collar" crime had not been on the forefront of my mind. I think of the Pasadena Yacht Club at the thought of White Collar crime. And they probably would not bother calling the Gulfport PD when they get ripped off. They will call their connections and friends in power, I'd believe.

But after a moment, I thought about an 80 something year old client I have in Gulfport who was straight ripped off for $1,500.00 last year by an internet email scam. I helped dig up and report some very powerful evidence and we first went to the Gulfport PD who ended up suggesting we go to the next level. So we did, the District Attoney's Office who suggested we go to the State level. So we did. The suggestion from the Govenor's Office in Tallahassee was to go to the State Attorney in Nebraska. We did that. Eventually we had the attention of the Governor's Office in Nebraska who told us to go to the Gulfport PD.

We learned that a meager $1,500.00 ripoff case to an elderly small town man by a multi-million dollar company from a major city in another state is of no interest to anybody in the justice system, regardless of the evidence.

Somehow though, an attorney in Washington State caught wind of our evidence and was chomping at the bits to take the case on (seeing a class-action suit for a huge amount). But as hard as he tried to enlist a Florida Attorney, nobody took an interest.

So yes, perhaps if Gulfport had a "White Collar" crime unit, this nice old Gulfport resident may have recovered some or all of his money. I'm sure this happens more than we know and 15 hundred bucks is not important to anybody but the elderly and those of us who think it is a lot of money.

I'll touch base with you privately as I know an Attorney in Washington that might want to talk with you...