Gulfport Street Lights and Red Light Cameras


Q: I often drive through the intersection of 58th Street South and Gulfport Boulevard at night, and I can't help but notice that the street light there at the northwest corner has been dark for about a year now.  It's a dangerous situation, due to the high number of bicyclists and pedestrians there at night. Why is it still not working? I recall something a while ago about how the light was interfering with Gulfport’s ability to capture the license plates of red-light runners, but I find it difficult to believe any city would intentionally make an intersection more dangerous in order to ratchet up violations and the money they bring in.

–Scott Conrad, South Pasadena

A: When we asked the city of Gulfport about this light, Public Works Director Don Sopak submitted a work order to Progress Energy. Progress Energy, not the city, maintains street lights. The public works page on the city’s web site,, has a link so that anyone can report a non-working street light to Progress Energy

As to why the street light has been dark? It was broken, says the city. As soon as someone in the city found out it wasn’t working, they told Progress Energy.

“That street light has nothing to do with that red light camera,” City Manager Jim O’Reilly said.


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