Gulfport Towing Policy

Q: What is the city's towing policy, and if a private property has vehicles towed, is the towing company obligated to tell the local police?

A: According to Gulfport Lieutenant Josh Stone, the city tows cars “when they pose a hazard on the roadway, if a car is disabled after a crash and cannot be moved by the owner, or if the person’s been arrested and the car can’t be removed from the scene and safely secured.”

 “If a private company makes a private impound off private property, they notify the police department and the police enter the car in a database, so if someone tries to report the car stolen,” he says, “then we can find out who has the car, who towed it, and what lot it’s in.”

 “That happens a lot for repossessions,” he says, but added that the city typically doesn’t tow cars not posing a threat to safety or obstruction the flow of traffic until the car has been there for at least two days.

 “We can, but usually we choose not to,” he said.