Gulfport Trash Collection

Q: Why can't residents have a choice with trash pickup. I don't need a two day a week pickup. I recycle, reduce, and reuse. In other progressive cities this is an option. If the city is looking for ways of saving money perhaps it could consider contracting the pickup (BFI). No more trucks: less maintenance, fuel, employee hours, benefits, and we as tax paying customers have options can save money and cut down on needless pickups. – Cheryl Grogan

A: Public Works Director Don Sopak told us his crews need four eight-hour days to collect and transport the weekly average of 44.20 tons of garbage to Pinellas County Solid Waste.

“This cannot be performed in two collection days,” he explained.

As for contracting the services, “this is completely a city council policy decision. city council has not asked that this be considered,” he says.

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