Gulfport Trash Collection


Q: What do I have to do to get my yard waste collected? Can we get something in stone about that?

– Stan Kreuter, at the city council meeting

A: According to Don Sopak, the city’s Public Works Director, the city will pick up yard waste for free on Wednesday. The city will only pick up small piles of tree and shrub trimmings. These trimmings should not be bagged or bundled, “but gathered neatly in a pile not to exceed 3 ½ feet high, four feet wide, or four feet long and cannot exceed four inches diameter” (per branch), according to Mr. Sopak.

If your yard waste exceeds those limits, call Public Works to special a free pickup, which will cost you extra on your utility bill.

Mr. Sopak says you must bag yard clippings and leaves, but the city will collect these for free if you call and schedule a pickup.

If you hire a lawn or tree trimming service, remember that city law says that service must remove the yard waste they create.

“If your contractor offers you a discount for leaving the yard waste and having the city pick it up, please be aware that this must be called in as a ‘special pickup’ and will be billed as an extra charge on your utility bill,” Mr. Sopak says. In addition, he adds, “the contractor may also receive a fine.”

If a tenant or owner doesn’t call the city to schedule a special pickup , once the city does collect the waste, it will bill the account holder an additional charge.  Call Public Works at 893-1089 to schedule a special pickup.


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